Here are our custom operant panels designed for use in conjunction with our chambers. All renders of panels were done using Blender. Corresponding photographs show the printed panels (with other devices where mentioned). To download, right click one of the file links under the pictures and select “save link as…”

Rat Operant Panel

Render of Operant panel from back to show speaker lip Photo of printed panel from back to show speaker lip

Photo of completed panel – LED nosepoke on left,
spout nosepoke and speaker on right. House light also pictured.

OperantPanel – holds 2 rat nosepokes and a small speaker. To be used in conjunction with rat chambers or home cage panel insert.

Mouse Operant Panel STL – Modified device holes to fit mouse nosepoke design, same layout

Hopper Panel

Render of panel modified to hold water bottle
and food hopper, colors distinguish separate printed pieces
Photo of printed pieces of panel. Water bottle
holder attached with plastic 4-40 bolts. Steel bars and
front panel for hopper not shown

HopperPanel – Modified panel to hold water bottle and food hopper (below)

Food hopper (blue in rendered model)

Hopper front panel (green in rendered model; optional – not shown in photo)

Water bottle holder (red in rendered model)

(metal bars shown with hopper are steel – not 3D printed)

Home Cage Panels

Render of panel pieces. Cover piece not shown Photo of panel installed in rat home cage with
cover piece on top, house light and operant panel attached

Trapezoid Panel Left
 – Left half of panel

Trapezoid Panel Right – Right half of panel

Trapezoid Panel Cover  – Protects wires from rodent access

Render of mouse home cage panel insert Photo of mouse home cage panel insert and
cover piece unattached

Mouse Home Cage Panel
 – Mouse home cage panel. Small enough to print entire panel at once. Already includes nosepoke device holes, space for house light, and speaker lip.

Mouse Panel Cover – Cover piece to prevent rodent access to wires