OpBox is a modular and open-source system for behavioral neurophysiology research. We have designed OpBox to be customizable, cost-efficient, and scalable. Our growing system can currently perform the following measurements simultaneously in multiple subjects:

Example of physiology

Sample Behavior
  • Multi-channel electrophysiology (up to four channels of EEG or EMG tested)
  • Operant conditioning (including flexible association tasks)
  • Locomotor activity tracking
  • Video observation

OpBox integrates the following open-source technologies, spanning the range from hardware to software:

NosepokeSample ShieldSample CodeSample
  •  3D desktop printing and digital fabrication of experimental hardware devices
  •  Microcontrollers to interface hardware and software via printable electronic circuit boards
  • Multithreaded software to process multiple data streams concurrently in real-time

The cost of our system is approximately an order of magnitude less than untailored commercial systems with similar capabilities. In addition to describing our approach, we have made all of our designs freely available for community use in digital formats that are both ready to print and easily modified for further customization. Open-source systems like ours may significantly address contemporary challenges in scientific practice, such as limited funding and the need for increasing collaboration and reproducibility.

Click on any of the links in the sidebar for design files and instructions. The overall architecture of OpBox is displayed below.